Equivac® T

What is Equivac® T?

Equivac® T is used for the immunisation of horses, dogs, sheep, cattle, goats and pigs against tetanus. 

Advantage of using Equivac® T?

Equivac® T provides long-lasting protection against tetanus, a disease that can be fatal to horses.

When do I use Equivac® T?

It is given 1 year after a primary vaccination course with Equivac® 2 in 1, followed by regular boosters to maintain immunity. Equivac T can also be used for a ‘tetanus-only’ primary vaccination course with 2 doses given at least a month apart.


First, Second, Third dose:

  • Equivac® 2 in 1, 3 doses not less than 2 weeks apart or 2 doses of Equivac® T, 4 weeks apart

First booster dose:

  • 1 year after primary vaccination course

Subsequent booster doses:

  • Every year following first booster dose

Equivac® 2 in 1 provides ongoing protection against both tetanus and strangles with one vaccine given annually as boosters.

For optimal protection against strangles give boosters every 6 months using either Equivac® 2 in 1 or Equivac® S.

It is given initially as three doses, not less than two weeks apart, followed by annual boosters to maintain immunity.