I would really like some hints for my horse who has Cushings. What can I do for her? Please help, she looks awful.

The best course of action to take if you suspect your horse has Equine Cushings Disease (also known as PPID) is to contact your local veterinarian. Your veterinarian can discuss the history of your horse, perform a clinical exam and discuss blood tests to diagnose Equine Cushings disease…


Just wondering about Cushings disease in horses. It didn’t show up in my horse’s blood test, but the horse responded to treatment. Have you heard of this before?

Yes it is possible. With any blood test it is possible to have a false negative result. A false negative result means that the horse actually has the disease, but the blood test did not identify it. When talking about Cushing's Disease, we are typically testing the blood for levels of ACTH (Adrenocorticotrophic Hormone)…


What can I do to treat hoof abscesses?

You will need a vet to safely cut away damaged foot tissue and adequately drain the abscess. Once that is achieved, apply a simple bran and Epsom salts poultice bandaged in place to draw out the pus and infection…


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