Duvaxyn® R

What is Duvaxyn® R?

Duvaxyn® R is an inactivated Rotavirus vaccine for pregnant mares.

Duvaxyn® R stimulates the production of antibodies against equine Rotavirus in colostrum and milk.

Advantages R Duvaxyn® R

Duvaxyn® R aids in the management of rotavirus enteritis

Antibodies are transferred from the mare to their foals, reducing the risk of diarrhoea in foals caused by equine rotavirus.

Important contribution to an effective management program of diarrhoea in foals. Reduced veterinary costs.


How do I use Duvaxyn® R?

  • Use the entire contents immediately after opening.
  • Give 1 mL via intramuscular injection in the 8th, 9th and 10th months of pregnancy.
  • Give an annual booster, one month prior to foaling for each subsequent pregnancy.