What should you do if you suspect, or know your horse has a splint developing?

A splint occurs when the ligament between the splint bones and the cannon bone becomes inflamed. This leads to proliferative bone growth and a hard lump to the side of the cannon bone.….


What are the causes and treatment of Lamnitis?

Laminitis is a complex condition in horses that has been associated with numerous potential causes including metabolic abnormalities, toxins, infections, dietary changes and excessive weight-bearing….


How do I keep my horse’s coat black in summer?

One solution is to turn your horse out at night and leave them undercover during the day. The second solution is to use horse friendly sunscreen when your horse is out in the sun.…


Should I be worried that my horse loves rolling around in the dirt? It’s one of their favourite things to do.

This is nothing to worry about. By rolling around in the dirt your horse is exfoliating their skin and shedding dead hair. If your horse wears a rug during the colder months, make sure you remove it regularly for grooming.


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