What are the causes and treatment of Lamnitis?

Laminitis is a complex condition in horses that has been associated with numerous potential causes including metabolic abnormalities, toxins, infections, dietary changes and excessive weight-bearing.….


When a horse is a grazing all day, can they get all the required nutrition from grass alone, and do they have to be grazing all day to avoid stomach ulcers?

For the grass to be a complete nutritional source, several factors should be considered, including; the age and use of the horse, season, species of pasture grass, pasture management practices, and the time available….


Has anyone had anything to do with string halt in a pony? At first i thought he'd foundered again but it's different to founder this time.

Stringhalt is a condition that presents with involuntary flexion of one or both hind limbs. It is a neurological condition that may be caused by ingestion of toxic plants. If it does not resolve on its own when the suspected….


I have several older horses that struggle to maintain weight. What can I do to help them put weight back on?

Older horses need highly digestible, high-energy feeds. Beat pulp is commonly used because it is a highly digestible fibre source. Another alternative is to source commercial feeds containing grains that have been processed…


I’m not sure if my horse is drinking too much water or not enough. How much water should a horse drink in one day?

Generally speaking, a horse will drink between 20-60 litres of water a day. This may vary depending on their size, the environment and their workload. With such large quantities of water required each day, it’s easy…


I’ve noticed that some older hay bales have gone mouldy. Can they still be used as horse feed?

It is not advised to feed your horse mouldy hay. Faded or weathered hay can still be okay to use as long as it is not dusty or mouldy.…


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