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Equest® Plus Tape

What is Equest® Plus Tape?

Equest® Plus Tape is effective in the control of tapeworm, bots and gastrointestinal roundworms in horses. Equest® Plus Tape contains moxidectin and praziquantel.

Advantages of using Equest® Plus Tape

Equest® Plus Tape lasts up to twice as long as other wormers so fewer treatments are required (only 3-4 per year), meaning less hassle for you and reduced costs over time.

Equest® Plus Tape also has a low volume liquefying gel formulation and narrow barrel syringe for easier administration. It kills encysted small strongyles in a single dose and protects against a broad range of worm species.

What dose do I need?

  • Simply set your horse’s weight using the handy ring device on the syringe. This will give your horse the correct measured dose for its weight.
  • You will need to know the accurate weight of your horse and be careful not to under-dose or over-dose. If you don’t have a scale, use a weigh tape.
  • The syringe is calibrated according to the body weight of the horse to be treated, in intervals of 25 kg of body weight.

What if my horse weighs more than 575 kg?

  • One syringe is enough to treat a horse up to 575 kg. Heavier horses will need more than one syringe, e.g. a 725 kg horse will need 1.25 syringes. To determine the amount you need from the second syringe, simply subtract 575 from your horse’s weight and set the plunger accordingly, e.g. for a 725 kg horse, set the plunger on the second syringe to 150 kg (725 – 575 kg).

What if I have surplus gel?

  • If you have surplus gel after dosing your horse, you can use it to dose another horse, or store it for future use.
  • To set the dose for a second horse, add the weight of the horse to be treated to the dose setting that is already on the syringe, e.g. if the first horse treated was a foal weighing 100 kg, the dial ring will be set on 100 kg. To treat the next horse, weighing 400 kg, move the ring dial to the 500 kg (100 + 400 kg) mark.
  • The gel can be kept until the expiry date provided you close the barrel cap and store it at less than 30°C.
  • Re-treatment is recommended after 14-16 weeks.