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Welcome to Health4Horses

Health 4 Horses and general welfare and wellbeing

Love horses? You’ll love our new site!

Welcome to the new and improved Health4Horses website! We asked our members what they wanted – and we listened. Now, we’ve updated the site with a completely new look, and have added lots more information to help you keep your horse healthy from nose to tail.

General care

Here you’ll find tips and tactics on general horse welfare and wellbeing.

Special health care information

Would you know what to do in an emergency? What should be in your first aid kit? When should you call the veterinarian? Find out all this and more in our Health Care section.

Interactive vaccination guidelines tool

Use this handy tool to help you keep track of vaccination requirements and dosing schedules.

You can also calculate and download your horse’s risk of disease and which vaccinations offer the best protection simply by entering a few details. Give it a try today!

Infectious diseases

Some infections can kill our horses. Find out all you need to know to keep your horse safe.

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