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Australia’s horse owners speak up

Over 3,500 horse owners from all around Australia recently took part in a large scale national survey, sharing their thoughts about managing the health of their horses and the kinds of information and support they are looking for from their vet, other horse owners and online.

We thought you might be interested to learn what other horse owners had to say, so here are some of the key findings from the survey:

Survey participants

  • 71% of respondents own 1-4 horses and 60% keep their horse(s) on their own property
  • The majority of horses come into contact with 1-10 other horses on a regular basis
  • At least half of the survey respondents belong to an equine club – the most common being a Pony Club, Adult Riding Club, Dressage Club and Equestrian Australia

Horse health

  • Whilst 96% of respondents think vaccinating against infectious diseases is ‘very important’ to ‘essential’, 20-30% of horse owners have inadvertently let their horse’s vaccination status lapse against serious or deadly diseases such as Hendra, Tetanus or Strangles.
  • As an owner’s understanding of the risk and consequence of a disease increases, they become far more likely to vaccinate their horse

Therefore, credible education and regular communication around equine infectious diseases and the related vaccination protocols becomes critical to keeping our horses protected from disease and healthy

Information sources

  • Horse owners enjoy sharing their own experiences, photos and questions on Facebook
  • For horse health information, owners typically look to equine magazines, industry websites and regional newspapers
  • The types of health information that horse owners are most interested in finding online are:
    • Tips and advice for keeping their horses healthy
    • Information on equine diseases and disease outbreaks
    • Advice from vets and the opportunity to have their questions answered by a vet
    • Vaccination requirements
    • Stories and experiences of other horse owners

As a result of the survey findings, we have continued to make additions and improvements to our own Health4Horses website and Facebook page, to ensure we provide you with the information that matters most to you as a horse owner. If you’d like to stay up to date with the latest news on horse health plus gain access to our regular newsletter, exclusive deals and competitions, be sure to become a Health4Horses member.  Subscribe here.