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Did you know that April is Vaccination Month?

Next month is Vaccination Month – an important campaign to encourage horse owners to help keep horses safe from dangerous (even deadly) infectious diseases, particularly with peak Hendra season right around the corner. But do you know what diseases your horse should be vaccinated against? Or when your horse was last vaccinated? Or whether any booster doses are due? If you're not sure, then Vaccination Month is the perfect time to talk to your vet about your horse’s vaccination status.

Health4Horses vaccination calculator makes it easy

Working out which vaccinations are recommended for your horse can be complicated and time-consuming. Health4Horses makes it easy with our handy vaccination calculator. Just enter a few simple details about your horse and the calculator will automatically tailor a vaccination schedule specifically for your horse. It will even remind you when vaccinations are due. You can also use the vaccination calculator on your iPhone with the Health4Horses app.

Click here  to calculate your horse's vaccination schedule on the Health4Horses site.

Or click here  to download the Health4Horses app for your iPhone.