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April is Vaccination Month: Is your horse protected?

Every day, horses are exposed to dangerous – and even deadly – diseases. Hendra virus, tetanus and strangles can all kill, while equine herpes virus can cause several serious diseases. Most of these diseases are highly contagious, which means that just one sick horse can spread infection to others, and there's no way to predict when or where your horse might come into contact with these diseases.

Vaccination is a simple and effective way to help your horse remain healthy, and with April being Vaccination Month, it’s a great time to make sure your horse is up-to-date with its vaccinations.

Why April?

The Hendra virus is a known killer in Australia – of people as well as horses. This deadly virus is a year-round threat, but the majority of deaths occur from May to July each year. That's why April is an ideal time to help protect your horse through vaccination.

There's more than Hendra

The Hendra virus is only one of a number of devastating – and potentially deadly – diseases affecting horses. Tetanus, strangles and equine herpes virus can all be a threat to the health your horse. These diseases may kill, have long-term effects or even require isolation or treatment for weeks and weeks.

Is your horse up-to-date?

As we reported in our article on the results from the National Horse Owner Survey (click here), 96% of owners think vaccinating against infectious diseases is ‘very important’ or ‘essential’. But 20-30% of owners have inadvertently let their horse's vaccinations lapse against serious or deadly diseases such as Hendra virus, tetanus or strangles.

Why risk it?

Infectious diseases are not only distressing but can also put the life of your horse at risk. So this April – as part of Vaccination Month – help safeguard your horse by vaccinating against these common and unpredictable threats.

Calculate your horse's risk

Our Health4Horses vaccination guidelines page (click here) has a great tool to help you calculate the risk for your horse. All you need to do is enter your horse’s age, sex and level of contact with other horses. From this information, you'll automatically receive a vaccination protocol, specifically tailored to your horse.

You can also use the Health4Horses iPhone app to create a vaccination protocol which will even remind you when vaccinations are due. Download this great free app from the iPhone App Store, by clicking here.

Talk to your vet today about vaccinations to help keep your horse safe