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How do you treat Hoof Cracks?

Hoof cracks can be a fairly common ailment for horses.  Most are minor and need little intervention. Potential causes include direct trauma to the coronary band eg wire cuts or treading form the same or other horse, poor shoeing,  genetic, frequency of trimming, body shape and conformation, environment and bedding and hydration of the hoof wall.  Will most cracks will not require treatment, they should all be examined by a veterinarian.  Cracks involving the coronary band are the most serious and can lead to infection and rapid deterioration.  Vets may recommend radiographs to further assess the hoof crack.

Treating hoof cracks first involves identifying the cause.  Then trimming and specialised shoeing may be recommended and some even recommend clips or other forms of stabilising the hoof and redistributing the weight.

This is a very good article for further reading:

Health4Horses vet team