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Nursing care and follow-up

Your vet will give you advice on the follow-up care required as your horse's wound heals. 

Check the wound regularly: Periodically check the wound to make sure healing is progressing. Look out for signs that could indicate infection, such as excessive discharges (often thick and yellow-green in colour), a bad smell coming from the wound, or an increase in pain or swelling.

Treat infection: If infection is present or poses a risk, your vet may prescribe antibiotics.

Clean the wound: Depending on advice from your vet, clean the wound with sterile saline and reapply any dressings/bandages that your vet recommends. 

Relieve pain: If necessary, your vet will prescribe a pain reliever to make your horse comfortable.  Keep your horse happy: Depending on the type and extent of the injury, some degree of exercise may help your horse feel better. So ask your vet about whether gentle exercise is okay.