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Act fast in an emergency

Keep a First Aid kit

You should keep a First Aid Kit handy in your horse’s stable or trailer at all times. Make sure it is clean and well-stocked, just in case.


A well-stocked First Aid kit for your horse might contain the following items:

Emergency details

  • A list of emergency phone numbers, such as your local equine vet
  • A notepad and pen so that you can record vital details for your vet and take a note of what the vet advises you to do.

Wound care materials

  • Bandages and gauze to cover wounds
  • Adhesive tape
  • Waterproof tape
  • Bandage scissors
  • Mild soap for cleaning wounds
  • Mild antiseptic for killing bacteria that might enter a wound
  • Wound ointment

Medical supplies

  • Thermometer. If you use a digital thermometer, ensure the battery has not run down.
  • Basic personal protection equipment (PPE) such as a P2 mask, sterile gloves, and eyewear for use if your horse becomes acutely unwell and you need to handle it minimally and safely  under veterinary direction until the vet can arrive. Complete PPE guidelines may be found at  (insert BQ website link for hendra-related biosecurity)
  • A Tetanus vaccine and Tetanus Anti-Toxin

Tools and equipment

  • Twitch
  • Rubber gloves
  • Plastic bags, plastic containers, a bucket, plastic linings for the bucket, and a toolbox for keeping supplies together and clean


As well as a fully stocked First Aid kit, consider carrying a portable version when you go out riding.