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Tips for Healthy Hooves


A balanced diet with appropriate vitamin and mineral supplements is important for good hoof health. Nutritional supplements are also recommended whenever your horse is suffering from any type of foot disease, particularly conditions that affect the hoof wall. Ask your vet for advice about appropriate supplements.


Regular exercise helps maintain hoof health by stimulating circulation in the foot.

Daily hoof care:

Inspect each hoof daily and clean out any debris that has lodged in the hoof. Keep an eye out for anything unusual, such as discharges, abnormal odours or injuries. Look for any signs of excessive dryness or flaking, and apply a moisturising hoof dressing if necessary (ask your vet or farrier about a good quality hoof dressing).  

Regular hoof trimming:

Your farrier will be able to advise you on how frequently the hooves need to be trimmed. Remember that the trimming interval may change over the course of the year, depending on the season and other factors.