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Hoof Cleaning

Inspecting and cleaning your horse's hooves should ideally be done every day. Each foot should be picked up, and the underside cleaned with a hoof pick, (these handy tools are available at your favourite horse retail store or supplier).

Inspect and clean each hoof

Clean from the heel, out towards toward the toe, being careful to clean the grooves on each side of the frog (the wedge-shaped structure on hoof that helps absorb impacts) and the cleft of the frog itself. Note if the frog is of normal consistency or hardness. If it is soft or mushy, the horse may be suffering from a condition known as thrush. Before and after you ride your horse, remove any foreign materials like stones, grit or debris that may have become lodged.

Regularly clean the stall

Along with routine foot cleaning, your horse’s stall should be cleaned regularly and bedding replaced if necessary. Chronic and prolonged exposure to manure and urine-soaked bedding can soften the exposed hoof and make it more prone to some foot infections, such as thrush.