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Rug Up

Depending on your individual horse, you may wish to use a horse rug to keep your horse snug in winter. Older horses tend to appreciate this, while young, healthy horses may not need a rug, provided they have suitable shelter from the elements.

Be aware that, if it is not wearing a rug, your horse’s hair will naturally stand up, trapping the air and helping to keep the horse warm; your horse won’t be able to do this if it is wearing a rug, so make sure you check on your horse’s comfort levels frequently.


  • Don’t use a horse rug as a substitute for shade or shelter – your horse needs comfortable areas for sun and rain protection.
  • Check your horse’s rug at least twice a day to ensure it fits well and is not causing irritation.
  • If you use a rug, make sure you remove it and groom your horse regularly to eliminate a build-up of dead skin and hair. This is because rugs prevent horses from naturally exfoliating through rolling or grooming each other.