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  • Luke Wells-Smith

    Luke Wells-Smith


    Luke graduated from his TAFE Farriery Course in South Australia in 2004 and started his own business as a farrier while completing his studies in veterinary science. He graduated as a veterinarian from James Cook University in Townsville in 2010 and has worked in equine practice in Ballarat and Gawler.

    Luke has spent time in Australia and the United States working with and visiting veterinarians and farriers in podiatry and lameness practice.

    Luke research interests include the biomechanics of therapeutic horse shoes, hoof conformation of Thoroughbred yearlings and laminitis in broodmares.

  • Dr Richard L'Estrange

    Dr Richard L'Estrange

    Veterinarian and pharmacologist

    Richard graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Veterinary Science. He has spent over 2 decades in veterinary practice both in Australia and overseas. Richard's primary interest is veterinary pharmacology and he has completed postgraduate training and qualifications in this discipline. He has spent most of his 5 years with Zoetis in a technical support role for the equine portfolio of products, which is dominated by the Equivac vaccine range and the biggest selling horse wormer in Australia, “Equest Plus Tape”. 

  • Health4Horses vet team

    Health4Horses vet team

    Specialising in everything equine

    Got questions about your horse? The Health4Horses team of equine vets is here to help! With a wealth of practical experience, clinical knowledge and deep understanding about what makes horses tick, our resident experts are on hand to answer even your most tricky equine questions.