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Equivac® Assurance

Guaranteed vaccine protection from Zoetis

Your veterinarian can now offer Equivac Assurance to help you make the decision to vaccinate against Hendra virus and Tetanus with confidence.

Equivac HeV, Equivac T and Equivac 2 in 1 are highly effective vaccines. Trials of Equivac HeV have shown complete protection from Hendra virus in all vaccinated horses.

Equivac Assurance guarantees that in the highly unlikely event that your horse does become infected with Tetanus or Hendra virus after receiving these vet-administered vaccines, Zoetis will contribute up to $5,000 to assist with treatment and other associated costs.

What does Equivac Assurance mean for you?

  • Peace of mind that you are taking responsible action to help protect your horse from potentially fatal infectious diseases – Hendra virus and Tetanus.
  • Added confidence that your decision to vaccinate your horse is the right one.
  • Equivac Assurance is available at no extra cost to you, but ensures Zoetis will contribute up to $5,000 to cover treatment and associated costs if your vaccinated horse does contract Tetanus or Hendra virus.
  • An ongoing record of your horse’s vaccinations for easy monitoring via the Health4Horses Registry.


  • The vaccines against Tetanus and Hendra virus must be administered and maintained in accordance with the recommended guidelines of the Equine Infectious Diseases Advisory Board (EIDAB).
  • The vaccine(s) must be administered by a veterinarian.
  • The administering veterinarian must record vaccinations in the Health4Horses Registry.
  • The Health4Horses Registry will be used to verify that vaccines have been administered according to EIDAB recommendations.

Equivac HeV and its active constituent are not registered. An application for registration/approval of the product and active constituent has been submitted to APVMA. 

Frequently asked questions

Q: Am I covered by Equivac Assurance if I vaccinate my own horse(s)?

A. No, only Equivac HeV, Equivac T and Equivac 2 in 1 vaccinations that are administered by a veterinarian are covered by Equivac Assurance.

 This is because it’s critical for vaccine quality and effectiveness that vaccines are handled, stored and administered correctly, and veterinarians are trained to minimise these potential threats to vaccine efficacy. 

In addition, Equivac HeV is available only via accredited veterinarians because the risk to both horses and humans from Hendra virus means that it is even more critical that the vaccine is administered correctly.


 Q. Are all Zoetis equine vaccines covered by Equivac Assurance?

 A. At this stage, Equivac Assurance covers vaccines against Hendra virus and Tetanus, so the vaccines involved are:

  • Equivac® HeV

  • Equivac®  2 in 1 (tetanus only)

  • Equivac®  T


 Q. What happens if my horse is properly vaccinated by my veterinarian using Equivac HeV, Equivac 2 in 1 or Equivac T, and my horse contracts Hendra virus or Tetanus?

A. If the vaccines have been used in accordance with the Equine Infectious Disease Advisory Board (EIDAB) guidelines, your horse is extremely unlikely to contract Hendra virus or Tetanus.

 If PCR tests from a government laboratory (for Hendra virus) or a veterinary certificate based on clinical signs (for Tetanus) confirm that your vaccinated horse has contracted either of these diseases, Zoetis will provide up to $5,000 to assist with treatment and associated costs.


 Q. Does it cost me anything for my horses to be covered by Equivac® Assurance?  

A. No, you will have no extra costs, apart from the cost of the vaccination(s), to cover your horses under this guarantee.


Q. Does my horse need to be vaccinated against both Hendra virus AND Tetanus to be covered by Equivac® Assurance?  

A. No. If your horse is vaccinated against Hendra virus, the vaccine assurance applies if your horse contracts Hendra virus. If your horse is vaccinated against Tetanus, the assurance applies if your horse contracts Tetanus. If your horse is vaccinated against both Hendra virus and Tetanus, the vaccine assurance applies to both diseases.