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Vaccination with Equivac® T or Equivac® 2 in 1

Tetanus is a totally and easily preventable disease. Vaccination with ‘tetanus toxoid’ should be used for all horses and ponies2.

You can vaccinate your horse against tetanus with Equivac® T or Equivac® 2 in 1, available from your vet.

Your horse can get this vaccination from 3 months of age. If using Equivac T, the primary course is two doses no less than 4 weeks apart. The Equine Infectious Disease Advisory Board recommends a booster dose every 12 months to ensure maximum protection against Tetanus. 

For immediate short-term prevention of tetanus, your vet may suggest Equivac® TAT.

Your horse can get both immediate prevention and long-lasting protection with simultaneous injections of both of Equivac® TAT and Equivac® T.

If suitable, your vet may suggest Equivac® 2 in 1, a combination injection that protects against strangles as well as tetanus. The recommended protocol for this product is in the section on strangles.

For more details about the Equivac® range and correct dosing information, visit the Products section of this site.