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Protection with Equest® Plus Tape

You can protect your horse against a wide range of intestinal worms with Equest® Plus Tape.

Equest® Plus Tape protects against a broad range of worm species, including tapeworm, bots and roundworms. Since it lasts up to twice as long as other wormers, it saves money and time for horse owners.

It’s supplied in a ready-to-use syringe, calibrated according to the body weight of the horse in intervals of 25 kg body weight. If you have surplus gel after dosing your horse, you can use it to dose another horse, or store it for future use. The gel can be kept until the expiry date provided you close the barrel cap and store it at less than 30°C.

For more details about Equest® Plus Tape and correct dosing information, visit the Products section of this site.