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Minimising risk

There are steps you can take to minimise the risk of intestinal parasites.

  • Consider cross-grazing with cattle or sheep if practical to do so
  • Feed horses off the ground
  • Minimise stocking rates
  • Drenching with an effective wormer2
  • Limit pasture reinfestation by removing manure regularly 2
  • Protect young horses by cleaning and disinfecting foaling boxes and stables and keeping young horses in low-worm pastures – segregate your horses by age, if necessary2
  • Monitor the amount of worms in your horse’s dung – your vet can use a worm test to find out if your worming control programme is effective or not2


 2. Robinson S. Worm control in horses. PrimeFact 976, February 2010. NSW Government Department of Industry and Investment.