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Get your horse Hendra vaccinated to WIN

Hendra virus kills. Not only horses, but people too. By vaccinating against Hendra virus before 30 April, not only will you help protect your horse from this deadly disease, but you'll automatically enter the draw to win $300 towards a preventative care consult with your vet. There are 50 prizes to be won and every vaccination gets you an entry. So for more chances to win, make sure all your horses are vaccinated.

Helping to keep you and your horse safe

The Hendra vaccine helps keep you and your horse safe. But if horses do not receive their vaccinations – including 6-monthly boosters – they could be at risk. Horses also lose their vaccination status if a booster is missed. So it's important to make sure that your horse is up-to-date with his or her vaccinations.

Customise the preventative care prize to your needs

Vaccination against Hendra virus is one of your most important responsibilities as a horse owner. But there are also vaccines available against other diseases, which is why we’re offering you the chance to win a $300 preventative care consultation. You can vaccinate against tetanus and strangles with Equivac® 2 in 1, worm against intestinal parasites with Equest® Plus Tape, give a follow-up Hendra booster, or even have your vet check your horse’s hooves and teeth.

Talk to your vet today to organise Hendra vaccination and for your chance to WIN

Equivac HeV is not a registered chemical product and an application for registration has been submitted.