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What is the best treatment for Thrush?

Thrush in horses is a bacterial (and potentially fungal) infection of the hoof. It involves the frog and sulci and the surrounding tissue.  It is wrongly thought to be caused by poor hygiene but is more likely to be caused by factors interfering with the normal self-cleaning features of the hoof.  These factors can include absent/poor farriery, abnormal hoof shape eg due to damage, lack of exercise, poor diet, lameness and long exposure to wet ground eg mud.

Mild Thrush treated early by your vet usually resolves fairly easily.  More advanced Thrush cases can be difficult to clear up and involve varied types of treatments.  Topical treatments are the most common but there is not one size fits all solution.  Debridement, shoeing, exercise, dry bedding, antibiotics are also used at times.  

Health4Horses vet team